Friday, December 13th, 2019


New Additions to our Dinner Menu…

*Entrées are accompanied with a side Garden or Caesar salad. Substitute Café salad or Fruit cup -2. upcharge*

Duck Poutine -12.

Natural-cut fries topped with duck confit and fresh mozzarella, baked and drizzled with mushroom demi-glace.

Chicken Bruschetta Caesar Salad -14.

Classic caesar topped with grilled chicken breast, bruschetta tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella, and balsamic glaze.

*Tuna Kurosawa -24.*

Ahi tuna, served rare and encrusted in sesame seeds, seared and served with soy ginger kurosawa sauce, wasabi mashed potatoes and stir-fried vegetables.

*Harvest Chops-26 *

Grilled pork chops topped with grilled onions and fresh apples, topped with crispy onion straws, accompanied with mashed potatoes, and grilled asparagus.

*Ramen Bowl-20*

Stir-fried carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, water chestnuts, zucchini, and squash over ramen noodles in a korean style vegetable broth garnished with bean sprouts and sliced jalapenos

Add duck confit with plum sauce-26.

Add shrimp with cucumber salsa24.

Soup of the Day

Tomato Bisque

A to Z Pinot Noir or Chardonnay, California –9. / -32.

St. Kilda Shiraz, Australia8. / -28.

Winter Sangria -6. / -20. Carafe

Sam Adam’s Octoberfest |Heavy Seas TropiCannon | Fat Tire –4.

Mad Elf -6.

M&M Eggnog

with Evan Williams – 8.     with Woodford Reserve – 12.50