Plebe Summer 2015

The origin of the word Plebe is “Plebeian,” which refers to members of the lowest class. This is particularly true in the case of  the U.S. Naval Academy’s Plebe Summer; set to begin this year on July 1st. July first is induction day, or I-Day, for incoming USNA candidates starting their four year journey at the academy. The purpose of this summer is to turn civilians into midshipmen, and it is no cakewalk!

Upon entering the gate, plebes say good-bye to their families and are met by upper-class trainers, know as detailers. Each plebe is assigned their alpha number which is the serial number that will be used for their entire Academy career. After receiving their supplies and getting their heads shaved, for men, or hair cut, for women, the “fun” begins.

For the next 6 or 7 weeks plebes rise at dawn and endure a grueling day filled with physical activity, drills, and tasks all to be accomplished before they fall into bed; only to rise and repeat it all over again the following day. Forget watching television, surfing the net, or any leisure time at all. The frantic, exhausting pace of Plebe Summer is aimed at building a strong foundation in character, body and mind. Plebes learn responsibility, self-discipline, and organization. They gain the physical and mental strength that allows them to perform well under stressful situations. These are traits that will transform candidates into midshipmen.

Steeped in Tradition

Annapolis is steeped in tradition and history, and the start of Plebe Summer is one of those traditions that we cherish. It is a thrilling time as a class of approximately 1,000 candidates, and their families, visit Maryland’s State Capital, many for the very first time. It is also an emotional time for those families who will say good-bye to their candidate for the next few months, as they begin the process of induction to the U.S. Naval Academy.

The Main & Market is proud of its involvement in the lives of many U.S. Naval Academy families. For nearly two decades we have built a reputation in Annapolis, and have become the preferred vendor to The U.S. Naval Academy Athletic Association, and to the U.S Naval Academy’s Parent’s Association. The Main & Market has garnered a reputation for creating mouth-watering fare which is artfully presented to add style and charm to any celebration. Our pastry chefs love to bake up delightful treats from cakes to cookies and tarts.

If you are in Annapolis for the U.S. Naval Academy’s Induction Day, or just in town visiting our many attractions, we invite you to stop in to The Main & Market. We have an updated summer menu filled with many seasonal dishes prepared fresh daily. We are also available to cater your special events and parties, plus we offer everything on our café menu for carry out.

There are many in town that feel the “official start” to summer in Annapolis begins with Plebe Summer. Allow The Main & Market to be a part of your celebration and join us in welcoming the USNA Class of 2019!