What is May Day?

May Day is one of the most beautiful days in Annapolis. Walking through Historic Downtown you will see scores of homes and businesses decorate their doors with baskets full of beautiful fresh cut flowers and elegant ribbons. If you have not had the chance to see this first hand, then we thoroughly recommend getting up early on May 1st and taking a stroll to take in the vibrant and beautiful tradition that is May Day in Annapolis.

In 1956, the Garden Club of Old Annapolis Towne began a beautification project has turned into a long withstanding tradition. Both residents and business owners get creative to compete for winning ribbons and a coveted invitation to the Garden Club’s Annual Tea.


If you happen to be in downtown Annapolis, you might be able to catch the judging for yourself. The judges carry around baskets of flowers decorated with festive streamers. As they walk around, they award the winning baskets with blue, pink, yellow and usually another distinctive color streamers.

Here are the rules:

  • Baskets must be hung on May 1st by 10 a.m. for judging.
  • Businesses may use containers related to their business or may use a traditional basket.
  • No artificial elements are allowed, only fresh cut flowers and live materials.
  • Ribbons are an essential and traditional party of any May Day Basket.
  • Place a card indicating participants name and contact information.

After you have enjoyed a day walking in downtown Annapolis admiring the beautiful flower baskets on May Day, be sure to stop by Main & Market for lunch or dinner.  We also provide a Lite Fare menu. It is perfect for those that want a little something to eat between lunch and dinner. Also, check out some past winners and awesome baskets at baltimoresun.com. Hope to see you there!