Graduation Season Has Begun!

If you have a graduate, you are certainly feeling a mix of emotions. You may be excited to see the culmination of your family’s hard work. You could be experiencing a tug of sadness that your graduate may be heading off after the summer. You are certainly proud that your loved one has accomplished such a great feat. Now it is time to celebrate these accomplishments!

There is an easy solution!

This is a busy season, and it is best to remember that there is only a very small window of time to experience and relish the fact that your hard work has paid off. While it may be easy to feel stressed or bogged down with your to-do list of announcements, invitations, decorations, and food, please know there is an easier solution!

Hiring The Main & Market to coordinate your party is a wonderful option. It allows you to live the experience without the pressure of planning, shopping, preparing, cooking, and cleaning.

Why not enjoy the moment?

It is because of your undying love and support that your graduate has gotten to the point, so you need to be celebrated as well! Main & Market will attend to all the details and guarantees your festivities will be appreciated and remembered for years to come. This will also allow you to be able to attend, and take pleasure in other celebrations, without worrying about your party.

It is hard to resist an affair that has amazing food and great company, especially when you can actually sit and entertain your guests and appreciate the delicious food. Our Design Team at The Main & Market will not only create a delicious menu, but we will compliment the presentation by fashioning an atmosphere to match. We treat each and every gathering with the same attention, no matter the size. You are guaranteed to be delighted with the results.

A unique experience, guaranteed.

One of the things we pride ourselves with at Main & Market is creating a unique experience tailored for YOU. We treat every client as an individual. We do not take a cookie-cutter approach when planning any celebration. Upon our initial consultation, we meet with you to discuss your menu, your theme, and your budget. Our team will then get to work on designing a perfect commemoration for you and your graduate. We have amazing resources that can help to satisfy any request. Our menu options are limitless!

Food safety, replenishing, and clean-up will not be an issue if you hire Main & Market for your graduation party. We will maintain the highest standards for food safety and will continuously monitor the temperature and levels of food. You or your guests will never be disappointed. At the end of the night, you will feel relieved of the burden of a messy clean up.

Cost vs. Time

When you consider the cost vs. time aspect of hiring a caterer, it is apparent that there are many advantages that can actually save you money. The time and energy it takes to plan and coordinate, shop and prepare, cook and clean up, could be spent on other aspects of the day. Let Main & Market cater your party, and you will feel still as though you have control, but at the same time can partake in the festivities. When considering how many hours are spent preparing, plus the cost of getting all the items you need, in addition to the clean up time, the value of hiring a caterer seem invaluable.

Contact us today!

The Main & Market has an extensive menu of succulent appetizers, delicious main courses, and award winning desserts. We can cater to your wishes no matter the request! Contact us now for a consultation and allow is to take the hassle out of graduation. Enjoy this momentous occasion…you earned it!