Give a Main & Market Gift Card

Does your gift list have you stumped? We have an idea. Get them a Main & Market Gift Card. It’s always the perfect fit and no wrapping necessary.

If you are still in search of a great gift for that hard to shop for friend or family member, look no further than The Main & Market. Our gift cards are available to be used in our Catering Department, Café, or Bakery. With a gift card from The Main & Market you can choose any denomination you like and with our vast menu options, it’s a gift for everyone’s taste. Still not convinced check out these reasons why it’s the best idea.

Our Gift Cards are Easy and Convenient

By purchasing a gift card from Main & Market, you’ll avoid the other last minute mall shoppers and the never ending downtown Annapolis traffic. You can relax and rejoice in knowing that you are giving someone a gift they will use and enjoy. If you need a gift for that office party or a favorite teacher, they too will love what Main & Market has to offer. Some might feel gift cards are too impersonal, but truly what is better than being treated to a night out or some treats from your favorite bakery? Exactly our point.

They Get to Treat Themselves

Everyone has busy lives and we don’t take the time to treat ourselves. With kids or work (or both) we excuse why the extra money to go out just isn’t worth it – but it is, and it sometimes just takes someone else showing us just that. By giving them a gift card from The Main & Market, it will allow them to treat themselves without excuses or guilt. It can be as big or as small as you would like. It’s perfect for that glass of wine after work or a sweet dessert from our bakery.

Leave a Lasting Impression

If you have had the opportunity to experience The Main & Market through our catering, café or bakery then you know the level of service and our commitment to being the best. By giving your friends or family a gift card from The Main & Market you are letting them experience everything you love about us.

Let our team at Main & Market help alleviate the stress of finding the perfect gift. To order a gift card, simply give us a call at 410-626-0388 or stop into our café. We can even mail them to you!