Benefits of Business Lunch Catering

We have all been guilty of a rushed work time meal comprised of something we’ve grabbed from the convenience counter or the office vending machine. We believe we are doing ourselves a favor and saving time so we can continue working. Time and again this has failed, as within an hour we are regretting the decision due to a belly ache from excessive grease or a headache from a hard sugar crash.

When working early or late, or through a deadline crunch, team productivity is the utmost importance. The Main & Market understands and has the perfect solution to this breakfast meeting or power lunch dilemma. We are offering a business lunch catering menu, which features delicious items exclusively to help feed your squad and keep production rolling.

Here are the benefits of business lunch catering.

We deliver

While this may take a bit of a forethought as it requires 24 hours notice, it could be the best option for a scheduled working breakfast or lunch. If you know your team will be crunching time to meet a deadline, why not inspire them by feeding them? Just place the order and we will bring it to you at the time you request.

Fresh and healthy meals

In keeping with today’s varied diets, The Main & Market has many options featuring gluten and dairy free items. All of our food is prepared daily using fresh ingredients. Leave the candy bar in the machine, avoid the sugar rush, and enjoy a healthy meal. It will help to power the body and mind allowing employees to work smarter.


Schedules may shift, and deadlines can change, so even if you do not “plan ahead,” The Main & Market understands, and can help. Call in an order for your office and we will have it ready for pick up when you need it. It can be disheartening when a wrench is thrown into carefully planned daily tasks and appointments. Keep your office moral positive and treat your team to a delicious meal.

Various meal style options

If you are holding a board meeting or a creative team building activity, Main & Market has many options. We can provide a mini lunch buffet featuring salads and hot meals, or we can create sandwich trays and accompanying side dishes. We also can accommodate breakfast catering with delicious pastry and fruit tray creations, or breakfast meal buffets, too.

Increased productivity

A happy team is a productive team. Your staff appreciates being recognized for a job well done and will be more inclined to work better. When you supply a special treat for your employees, it increases creativity and provides incentive. Go ahead and surprise your team, they deserve it, and everyone will reap the benefits from it.

For nearly two decades, The Main & Market has garnered a reputation for making delicious and healthy gourmet comfort food. We can easily cater for groups from 10 to 100 and more. Our Business Lunch Catering provides a variety of convenient, healthy, and delicious options for your staff and office team. Contact us today for more information.