Affordable Corporate Catering

Well-prepared, affordable work-time lunch options that are fresh and healthy may seem hard to find. You need to search no further than The Main & Market. For nearly two decades, we have worked on building our reputation for creating mouth-watering food, that is also artfully presented. If you need to feed your office staff to focus on a project deadline, or if you are hosting a large corporate affair, we vow to bring our passion for culinary excellence to the table. The cornerstone of our success is our flexible approach to catering.

The Main & Market offers many options for affordable corporate catering.

Order for Pick-Up

A good option for your office, especially when working toward a deadline or organizing a small event, is to order the meal to be picked up. Our catering menu has many selections for breakfast or lunch featuring fresh fruits and salads and entree options priced as little as $8.25 per person. You can choose to order platters of pastries or sandwiches, along with side dishes. For example, our corporate catering menu offers themed packages like “The Southwest” breakfast that serves breakfast tacos with all the fixin’s plus a side of our famous breakfast potatoes, all for $9.00 a person.

Order for Delivery

If you are ordering for a larger group, consider corporate catering to be delivered. The service charge is minimal, and we will deliver during the day, evening, and on weekends. The charge is the same whether you are serving 10 or 100 people so that you can plan accordingly. A great delivery option for a larger group could be from our “Healthy Alternative Lunch Buffets” section. For only $13.00 per person, you can receive salad, and entree and a side. All the choices are delicious and freshly prepared just for your event. We also offer our entree salads served family style, which includes a muffin per person, for just $12.00 per person.

Order for Full-Service

For large events, The Main & Market also offers full-service catering. We will set up and prepare everything on site, as well as break down and clean up. Upon consulting with our catering specialists, we will create a proposal that could include decorations and flowers. Also, depending upon the formality of the event we will provide staff accordingly. The selections from our “Hot Lunch Buffets” include hot, delicious entrees, starting for only $10.50 per person. The option to add a side and/or a dessert for only $2.00 more! We can even provide all the utensils, paper products, and beverages for your corporate affair.

There are many benefits of our affordable corporate catering. We can accommodate any group, requiring only a minimum of ten people. Consider that lunch-time business catering can serve to alleviate production stalls and increase office morale. If you are hosting other professionals or launching a new product, The Main & Market can help you take care of all of the details to create a memorable event.

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