What Our Customers Say

We just finished the last of the left-over pumpkin muffins.  Did we just scare you with that admission? We’re so glad you wrote, we were going to stop by the next time we’re in Annapolis.  We want to tell you what a great job your staff did.  Bill and Mary were both so nice and attentive.  Mary delivered a snack to Dave and me up in the changing room after our ceremony.  Bill made sure I had water and food during the reception.  They also packed up and gave us many of the left-overs that we had for our after-party on our sailboat.  And your entire staff was gracious and efficient.  The guests loved the brunch, specifically I heard donut muffins and the creme brulee french toast.  Is it true that your catering clients receive a lifetime supply of donut muffins? We very much enjoyed working with you.  You gently steered us toward a nice color scheme when we had no idea on our colors (or much interest).  We also appreciated your approach to our small wedding and your lovely demeanor in each and every interaction with us. Please pass along our gratitude to your staff.  Thank you Evie.  We hope that we’ll have an opportunity to work with you and Main & Market again. – Sara and Dave

Wonderful local breakfast place (can get crowded on weekends, so plan ahead). The menu is creative, the dessert case always has an enticing selection, and oh, the chai! Fabulous chai. 🙂 -Anonymous

The Main & Market boasts a fairly thoughtful and eclectic menu with good portion control. It’s a very approachable and enjoyable way to have a something more interesting then meat and potatoes, but with out the pretence. That said, those with higher caloric requirements (athletes, younger men, etc…) are likely to find the experience less then satisfying. Service tends to be great (80%) or abysmal (20%). Price is inline for what it is in the area. – Anonymous

One of the best breakfasts in Annapolis. – Nathaniel M.

On Sunday I had the pleasure of working with two of your staff, Nanette and Casey.  They were both beyond superlative! Being a control freak that I am, Nanette was a perfect match for me. She understood my vision and made it happen. She was very friendly and extraordinarily competent. My family all commented on her professionalism. I had specifically asked Nanette to bring a warm, outgoing bartender. She brought Casey who understood needs before they were expressed! Because of people like Nanette and Casey, not to mention the Creme Brullee French toast, we will be definitely calling Main & Market again! – Anonymous

The food at Main & Market is awesome! I live in the area and for a while I was at The Main & Market several times a week! I haven’t had a bad meal ever! On the weekends for dinner, the food is like eating at a high end 5 star restaurant because of the Chef Specials. A little pricier for dinner, but worth it. I’m a vegetarian and I eat fish and there is plenty to eat at Main & Market! The only complaint I have is that sometimes the desserts are a little dry, but I’ve figured out which ones aren’t (the flourless chocolate cake or any of their bundt cakes are moist as well). I highly recommend them! – Michelle K.

This morning I went here for brunch with my fiance and his parents. We’d been here before but only for dinner, which was also great.  And I am pleased to say that I think I just had the best egg white omelette of my life! I ordered the acapulco omelette, which comes with green chilies, pico de gallo and cheddar cheese. It also comes with a side of sour cream, which I didn’t get, and chorizo, which I swapped for turkey sausage.  It’s a simple enough order, but a lot of places really miss the mark with things like this, especially when opting for egg whites only.  Here the omelette had just the right amount of cheese (it wasn’t oozing out in really gluttonous amounts) and there were a TON of veggies. I’ve never had an omelette with so many veggies, and the pico de gallo was so, so fresh. It also came with a side of hash browns, which were like cubes of potato seasoned with paprika. For the first time in a long time I actually ate everything on my plate. – Jessica C.

Testimonials June 23, 2015